Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 24 Aramits to Hendaye

Our longest climb in the Pyrenees was first thing in the morning. On his trip to Bilbao 10 years ago, Richard had written on the map at this point "I felt like collapsing". It wasn't that bad and was in a strange way enjoyable.

We had lunch in St Jean Pied a Port. The food was good, the service not. Twice we asked for water for our bidons and were directed to the toilets. Nice.

The day ended at a campsite just outside San Sebastian. Only 80 miles and a short day by our standards but I was knackered. Fatigue is getting the better of me. We had to cycle a couple of miles for our evening meal but the food and wine was worth it and cycling without luggage was a joy.

Tomorrow to Bilbao.

81 miles
12 average
38 max
6 hours 40 mins

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