Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day 19 Menton to le Muy

At last, a day on the bikes and a ride through some of the richest parts of Europe. It was spot the facelift time. I spotted the most around Nice but Richard believes its more a case of inbreeding among the rich than surgery that creates the hung from the cheek bones look. 

Monaco was a strange place especially cycling through the tunnels that one sees when watching the Grand Prix.  We can cycle fast, but not that fast.


The last part of the ride was along the corniche between Cannes and st Raphael. We stayed in a gite in St Raphael a few years ago so knew this route well. Then I was feeling strong and could leave Richard for dead along the coastal road. Not so this time. I blame the luggage.

In true Cavendish style I was saving myself for the town sign sprint but we took a short cut and missed it. Foiled again.


Cycle path in Nice.  Too safe to be interesting

 81 miles
13 average
45 max
6 hours 20mins

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