Monday, 1 October 2012

Day 25 Hendaye to Bilbao

Richard had warned me that the roads in Northern Spain were hellish.

The day began okay.  We cycled to San Sebastian and then out of the city towards Bilbao.  The climb was steep but spectacular.  Then it got strange.  There was a toll gate at the top.  We had cycled up a particularly hard climb and being asked to pay for the privilege.  Only in Spain.  The view was nice though.

We cycled another 20 miles or so.  Up and down, up and down.  But mainly up.  Coastal roads aren't necessarily flat.  The nice road then ran out and we were spat out on a motorway.  We've been away for nearly a month, we've cycled hundreds of miles.  We've nothing to prove.  We can get (another) train.  So we stop at the next town.  I eat the nicest burger I have ever tasted (red pepper, bacon and egg) and we catch the train to Bilbao.

Its a few hours before the train to Santander so it's time for sightseeing

and to prove I have been on the trip, a picture of me...

Its the only one.

We then stumbled across a particularly nice bar in the old town.  Ate more tapas, drank some beer and enjoyed the nice if eclectic music selection (Say Hello, Wave Goodbye being particularly appropiate) of the Spanish/Scottish sounding lesbian.  She'd lived in London for 16 years and had learnt to speak English with a Scottish accent.  I'm not sure how this happened either.

Then train to Santander.

It's nearly over

38 miles
4 hours

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