Saturday, 25 August 2012

Days 14 and 15 Francavilla Day 16 Francavilla to Finastra

I'm starting to feel human again.  It is so nice to see Bob and Ian.  They're such good friends and good company.  Yesterday we went to the beach for lunch and a paddle/wallow.  Tonight we're going to a local restaurant for pizza.  There's unlimited wine on tap, a pool and two dogs to keep us amused.  But even though this is one of my favourite places with two of my favourite people, we have miles to cycle and adventures to be had so tomorrow we are leaving.

view from our apartment.  Pretty

We are taking it easy with a 50 mile ride to a campsite in Fiastra and then 50 miles to Perugia on Monday.  We are then taking the train to Pisa.  We don't need an 'apposite sacche' for regional trains.  Allegedly. 

Or a Tourin' Shroud.  Sorry, Richard will get his coat.

Day 16 Francavilla to Finastra

We've left the comfort of casal dei fichi and are back on the road. The theme to the littlest hobo keeps going through my head.

leaving Francavilla

When we left it was 37 degrees and sunny. About 20 miles later the thunder storm we were expecting, hit. Having survived the roads of northern Italy we did not now want to die in an Italian storm so found refuge in a bus shelter (mainly plastic), put on every item of clothing we could find and I took off my shoes (metal cleats).

After 1/2 hour it had passed and we carried on with our journey.

I've done the climb up to Finastra many times but have always returned to Francavilla. This time we were to stay in a campsite by the lake (recurring theme no 1). One of the nicest so far. Quiet, beautiful surroundings and pizza. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

Lake Finastra

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