Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 6 Porrentruy to Lucerne

We did this today, by far the hardest road climb I have done. I thought my legs were going to snap.

Then after 90 miles, 1 x large bowl of pasta, 1 x pizza, 1 x beer, 2 x glasses of wine (me) and 2 x pizzas, 3 x beer, 1 x glass of wine (Richard), 1 snapped pedal, 1 x bike shop we arrived in Lucerne with 5 mins to spare before the campsite closed.

Another epic day.

Day 7 we should finally meet up with Sean and Claire so that will mean more beer and wine.  And then we're going to have a day off

91 miles
11 average
39 max
8 hours riding

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